WOD - Monday, 5.9.2016

A message from Coach Rob...

I'd like to first thank all the members for being incredibly welcoming to me from the very start. I know how difficult adjusting to change can be, especially in your comfort zone, the gym. I will be your go to person for any suggestions or concerns about the gym. I'll be taking over a number of jobs Anita has been responsible for. I want to asure you that I'm not new to this. I managed Bay Ridge CrossFit for 2 years before joining this community. Anita and I have worked together for the past four months to make sure everything we do going forward is in the best interest of you, the members. That means this is YOUR gym. You should always feel comfortable and have fun. "The Best Part of Your Day" is on some of the shirts you wear with the gym's logo on it. I want to help make sure your time in the gym continues to be your outlet from the rest of your day. I've had the pleasure of coaching hundreds of different athletes over the past 3 years and I have been extremely impressed with CrossFit Island Park as a group. I believe we can be even better. With that being, let's have fun! 

P.S. If you haven't joined the Facebook group "CrossFit Island Park Members" or don't follow "ActiveLifeAthletics" on Instagram, go do that now. We are constantly posting pictures, videos, events and annoucements. Everyone can post in the Facebook group. 


This Friday May 13th, we will be having our first FNL throw down starting at 7pm. This will be a fun night. You'll have the opportunity to workout with member and coaches who you normally would not be able to workout with. We will have 2 and 3 person team workouts as well as a speed clean ladder. Now that's something most of us have never tried. We will set up the barbells to weights that you as individuals can manage. Direct any questions to Coaches Rob or Keith.


You have until this Friday, May 13th to sign up for Memorial Day Murph tees and tanks.

We are hosting MURPH on Memorial Day (May 30th). This is one of the most important events in the CrossFit calendar. We will honor Lt. Michael P. Murphy (of Patchogue, NY) with one of his weekly workouts. The workout is modifiable so every level of athlete can participate. We will have a BBQ afterwards as well. Any questions about the event, speak to Coach Rob. (rob@activelifeathletics.com)


WARM UP 3 Rounds Row 30 Seconds Bottom of Air Squat 30 Seconds 5 Lateral Banded Step Overs Each Leg 5 Ring Rows

STRENGTH: Back Squats Endurance Bias Group: 5x15@40% of 1RM with 1 minute rest Controlled pace, touch and go reps. Strength Bias Group: 1x12@60% 2x7@75% 1x4@80% 1x4@85%

WOD 3 Rounds for Time 25 Wallballs 10 Burpee Over Box 400 Meter Run


A) 4 rounds: 200m sprint + 8-8 single leg box step ups with KB (26#/18#) 1:30 min rest

B) 4 RFT- 15 box jumps, 20 lemon squeezes, 25 KB swings (53/35#)