SummerFit Challenge Nutrition

Nutrition Information for the Summer Challenge.

irst off, what a GREAT start to our first week of the Summer Fit Challenge.  There are so many people participating that it makes is super excited.  Please make sure you have taken a selfie and measured your body in the areas previously mentioned.  This way you can really SEE the results.

 I have changed the way Riki is going to help us with the Nutrition aspect of the challenge.  Instead of her coming out to 1 class to talk about food she was kind enough to type up tips and ideas for you depending on the group you are in.  

Jacked and Tan:  Body building and increased muscle mass:

Find your maintenance calories first, then add 400-600 calories on top of that. The great thing about trying to put on mass or size, is that you aren't limited in calories. If you go over in any macros, not a problem. Protein is the most important macronutrient for growth and repair to the muscles. Since the goal is to gain mass (size) it'd be ideal to add about 10-20g on top of your protein intake. To make it easier, eat [in grams of protein] your goal in body weight. 
For example, I weigh 119 pounds and let's say I want to fill out the 58kg weight class. 58 x 2.2 =127.6, so I will start with my protein set at 128g. With gaining mass, you NEED TO EAT. This whole "I forgot to eat" can not be an excuse. If 6 meals don't work, guess what, you have to eat more like 10. Yes, its important to hit your micronutrients and get those nutrient dense foods in. However, since your second job now is to eat, bellow are some good sources of protein and carbs to help make eating easier:




egg whites

tuna packets

beef jerky 

protein pancakes

proats (protein with oats)

chicken breast






fat free candy (jelly beans, sour patch)


Bea-Watch Beach Babes;
For those that are working on fat loss, that just means start at a caloric deficit, but you choose your more carb or more fat preference. It's a trial and error for the first week or two. Me for example, I feel my leanest with a low carb/high fat diet. However, I don't always feel like I have the most energy to fuel my workouts and performance is more important to me than aesthetics. So I always go for high carb/moderate fat. To find out where you start calorically, find your maintenance calories first, then subtract about 150 -300 calories from there. Be realistic too. Ladies, if your maintenance calories are 1600, I don't want you to starve yourselves and only consume 1300 calories, so start with 1500 or so. On days you do not workout, you may carb cycle, but you don't have. If you do, you can cut carbs those days by 15%. Since you are on a deficit in macros/calories, you must plan your foods for volume to stay full longer. Below are some carb ideas that are macro friendly:


Rice cakes (all flavors)

fat free reddi whip

greens (asparagus, broccoli, spinach)

Flatout wraps

veggie straws (1 servings is a lot of chips)

Better Oats by OatFit (found at target)