WOD - Wednesday, 4.6.2016

SUMMERFIT Challenge kicked off with a bang.  See everyone Thursday for benchmark testing!

Yoga for CrossFitters Clinic with Yoga Nanda Long Beach

Awesome news! We have reached a partnership with Yoga Nanda in Long beach (Formerly Yoga Long Beach). We always preach that your recovery is every bit as important as your workout and yoga is a great way to spend some time recovering. To introduce you all to the staff and practice at Yoga Nanda they will be hosting a two private workshops for free for our members only, details about time and date are below. You should all take advantage of this!

Additional to these workshops, Yoga Nanda is offering all of our members 20% off on any services they offer. More details on the procedure to use your discount will be discussed in the gym.

When: Saturday, April 16th 12pm-1pm
Where: Active Life Athletics

When: Saturday, May 14th 1pm-2pm
Where: Yoga Nanda Long Beach

Sign up sheet will be on the desk.  Please sign up if you will be attending.


Anyone going to out lift these guys???



A) Deadlift: A) Find a 1RM
B) Perform 1 x 20 @ 55% or 1RM with a slower down, faster up tempo. How long does it take you to complete the set? How many breaths do you take in the 20 seconds after you're done with the set?

60 DU 60 Air squat
40 sit ups
40 waiter's squat (20 on each arm) 53/35#
20 burpees
20 box jumps 24/20"

This is a sprint workout Scale doubles to 120 singles



3 rounds (qual): 3 strict pull up into 10 sec hold the top, 12 GHD back extensions, 10-10 High pulls (26/18#), 10- 10 strict press (26/18#)

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12 min AMRAP: 6 pull ups, 12 wall balls (20/14#), 24 sit ups, 48 air squats