WOD - Monday, 4.4.2016

Beginning THIS WEEK the 9:30am and 6pm classes on Tuesday's and Thursday's will be summer fit programming.   Everyone is still welcome to join in to classes at this time,  it is just that the programming will be focused towards the 2 different challenge groups.

Sign-up sheets are at the front desk!  Even if you can't make these specific classes the programing will be available to make-up during other classes or on the weekends!

In addition to our Sunday Sessions, CrossFit Kids classes will now be held at FX Hegarty School in Island Park on Wednesday afternoons beginning April 13.  Sign up through the Island Park Recreation Department using the following link:


Contact Coach Molly for additional information.  516-850-5628

MAN Night

Man Night is coming to CrossFit Island Park.  Saturday April 9th is the night all the MEN in the gym will gather to do manly things like pump iron/ play games and other things us ladies will never know about.  



For time: Row 2K We've been practicing pacing and improving our 2k time since the New Year. Its time to put that to good use. Time to PR your 2K! Have a plan. Execute the plan. At the end just get after it. You should fall off the rower.

Rest to full recovery

Perform 3 reps of each movement before moving to the next. No dropping the bar until the rollout: Snatch grip deadlift Hang power snatch Overhead squat BTN push press Barbell rollout Build to as heavy as possible. Repeat at heavy weight as time permit


8 min EMOM

odd min. 30 Sec ring support hold, even min 12 ring rows + 5 burpees


3 RFT :30 KB swings (53/35), 15 Box jumps, 15 -15 KB thrusters (35/26), 30 Wt sit situps (25/10)