WOD - Thursday, 4.28.2016


1. We are hosting a "Wrinkled to Ripped" Promo class for masters aged athletes only who are ready to get in shape but have been intimidated by CrossFit. Tell your parents, tell your friends, tell your family, we want them here for it! The class is free and it's on May 15th at 1PM. Details for sign up are in the gym, ask Rob Moloney or Keith. You can give us someone's contact and we will call them, or they can call us. 

2. We are running an AT HOME fitness program for people who aren't ready to start CrossFit yet. We will write 4 weeks of programming for people to do at home, or anywhere with commonly found equipment. No membership required. This is a no excuses opportunity for the people you love to finally get off their ass! And it's free. Click this link to get signed up -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/265230837147265/

3. We are launching a new membership on May 1. Our Fitness Membership will give people access to our fitness classes for just $89/month! This is an opportunity for people who are ready to start but not ready to lift heavy to come to a no intimidation class and get their fitness on! Tell your friends.

WARM UP: 1 minute Max Double Unders: If you are still unbroken at one minute, keep going for a max. 50+ UB gets you on the board! 10m Inch Worms 10 Push Up Shoulder Taps 10m Walking Elbow to Instep 10 T-Push Ups 10m Broad Jumps 10 Dynamic Push Ups (clap if possible) 

BAE Watch

5 rounds: 10 KB swings 10 burpees 25 DU or SU

B) Run: 7 x 200M 1:1 work rest ratiacked and Tan

Jacked and Tan

A) Bench press: 10 wide grip 10 regular grip 10 narrow grip *go unbroken, only rack to re-grip Superset with: 10 strict banded rows

B) 5 sets of increasing weight: 3 strict press + 3 push press Superset with 10 lateral raises


A) 3 rounds (qual): 10 m OH walking Lunges (25/10#) 10 push ups 5 strict toes to bar, hold the top for 3 10 GHD back extensions

B) 16 min AMRAP: 200m run, 20 wall balls 200m run 20 pull ups 200m run wt situps (25/10#) 200m run 20 KB swings (53/35#)