WOD - Friday, 4.22.2016

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OCR Competition

The Civilian Military Combine (CMC) - all info is at www.cmcrace.com - it's on Saturday, September 10 in Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn. People who are interested should sign up right away bc space is limited. Our team is CrossFit Island Park.

Upcoming CrossFit Competitions in the Area (that I might also be working)

-- CrossFit Garden City Partner Extravaganza -- April 30th -- https://www.wodrocket.com/index.php/competitions/find-events/crossfit-garden-city-s-partner-extravaganza -- They are closing registrations this week.

-- Strong is Beautiful -- Ladies only -- June 5th -- http://us4.campaign-archive1.com/?u=b4a04ef2fefb66308ac82f8b5&id=cc7fabf9b2 ... only a few spots left

-- CrossFit Camo Partner Competition -- June 25th  - https://www.wodrocket.com/index.php/competitions/find-events/summer-battleground

A) WARM UP: Row 200m With a PVC and moderate KB: 10 PVC Pass Throughs 10 Russian KB Swings 10 PVC Goodmornings 10 KB Waiter's Squats (5 each side) 10 PVC Front Rack SOTS Press 10 American KB Swings 5 PVC Clean Pull Unders 5 PVC Thrusters

A) Superset starting with an empty bar: 3x5 Hang Clean Pulls 3x3 Clean Pull Unders
B) 3x1 Hang Clean+3 Pause Front Squats @40%
C)Cleans from Above Knee 1x5@50% 1x3@55% 3x3 Building

WOD: In 12 minutes: Row 1000m -AMRAP in the remaining time- 10 Box Jumps (24/20) 15 Kettlebell Swngs (53/35) 20 Sit Ups


A) 20min EMOM: [4 rounds] 1. row for cal 2. 6 ring fall outs 3. 12 wall balls (20/14#) + burpees 4. 200m run 5 Res