WOD - Thursday, 4.21.2016

OCR Competition

The Civilian Military Combine (CMC) - all info is at www.cmcrace.com - it's on Saturday, September 10 in Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn. People who are interested should sign up right away bc space is limited. Our team is CrossFit Island Park.

Upcoming CrossFit Competitions in the Area (that I might also be working)

-- CrossFit Garden City Partner Extravaganza -- April 30th -- https://www.wodrocket.com/index.php/competitions/find-events/crossfit-garden-city-s-partner-extravaganza -- They are closing registrations this week.

-- Strong is Beautiful -- Ladies only -- June 5th -- http://us4.campaign-archive1.com/?u=b4a04ef2fefb66308ac82f8b5&id=cc7fabf9b2 ... only a few spots left

-- CrossFit Camo Partner Competition -- June 25th  - https://www.wodrocket.com/index.php/competitions/find-events/summer-battleground


WARM UP: 5 Elbow to Instep + Straight Leg + Rotation each side 10 Leg Swings Front/Back each leg 10 Leg Swings Side/Side each leg 10 T Push Ups (5 each)
10 Alternating Kossacks (5 each)
30 second Pronated Bar Hang


Buy in: 50 Box jumps

"Half Murph" Run 800M 50 pull ups 100 push ups 150 squats 800M run

Cash out: 50 wall balls

JACKED and Tan

A) Bench Press 5 x 3 increasing each round Super set with 10 tricep pull downs 5 strict pull ups

B) 5 rounds, 1 min rest between rounds
10 back rack lunges
10 weighted kossacks
10 hamstring curls

C) Bicep curl 21's with a partner


A) 3 Rnds (Qual): 8-8 single leg box step up with KB (26/18) 5 wall walks up and down 12 GHD back extensions

B) WOD: 16 min AMRAP 8 box jumps, 8-8 KB thrusters (35/26#) 8 pull ups 8 burpees E4MOM- 200m run