WOD - Wednesday, 4.20.2016


A) WARM UP: Run 200m 10m High Knees 5 Walking Inch Worms 10m Butt Kicks 10m Straight Leg Forward Swings 10m Karioka 10m Burpee Sprint 10m Burpee Broad Jumps

STRUCTURAL BALANCE: 20 minutes for Quality 10 1 Arm KB High Pulls Each Arm 20 Lateral Banded Step Overs 60m 1 Arm Carry (30 each arm) 10 Kips on Rings/Bar 10 1 Arm Strict Press (each arm)

WOD: EMOM for 15 minutes: A-Run 200m B-3 Muscle Ups or 6 Ring Rows (make these challenging) C-30 second GHD Plank Hold D-Max Assault Bike Calories in 40 seconds (SCORE=Total Calories) E-Rest




A) 6 min AMRAP 12 PVC thrusters 24 sit ups 10 ring rows

B) 15 min AMRAP 8 toes 2 bar 16 RKB swings (70/53#) 30m Farmers Carry (70/53#) on each arm [down the driveway and back] 200m ru