WOD - Tuesday, 4.12.2016

Attention all NEW MEMBERS

Tuesday April 12th @7pm

we are having a New member meeting to welcome you and help you make this transition as successful as possible.  
This is your time to ask any questions or go over any concerns you may have as you start your CrossFit Journey.  

Looking forward to seeing you all!!

Yoga for CrossFitters Clinic with Yoga Nanda Long Beach

When: Saturday, April 16th 12pm-1pm
Where: Active Life Athletics

When: Saturday, May 14th 1pm-2pm
Where: Yoga Nanda Long Beach

Sign up sheet will be on the desk.  Please sign up if you will be attending.

Because of the huge turnout last week, all classes on Tuesday/Thursday going forward will follow the SummerFit Challenge WODs.  What does this mean?  If you're part of the SummerFit Challenge, keep doing your team's WOD.  If you're not, you get to pick between these two WODs every Tuesday and Thursday!  Summer Bods guaranteed! 


A) 32 min EMOM: 1) 30 sec ME Assault bike 2) 15 wall ball 20/14# 3) 30 sec ME ab mat sit ups 4) 15 push ups


A) Superset: 1) Bench press 3 sets of: 10 wide grip 10 normal grip 10 narrow grip *must be unbroken, only rack to re-grip 2) 5 chin ups

B) 5 sets 10 pendlay row 10 banded tricep pull down