WOD - Monday, 4.11.2016


A) STRENGTH: (15 minutes)
Endurance Bias Group: 5x10 Back Squats@40% of 1RM 3 seconds down 3 seconds up tempo, no rest at bottom or top. 1 minute rest between sets

Strength Bias Group: 3x7 Front Squats building as heavy as possible 3 working sets not including your warm up *Group is determined by how you did on the 20 rep breathing test. If you had 6 or more breaths on squat day, you are in the endurance group. If you had less than 6, you are in the strength group. If you dont remember, check the blog post with the photo of the whiteboard from that day.

WOD: EMOM for 12 minutes: A) 6 Burpees + 6 Toes to Bar B) Row 200/150m C) Max Double Unders D)15 second Side Plank Right 15 second Side Plank Lef



3 rounds (quality): 40m farmers carry on each arm (70/53#), 12 GHD back extensions, 1 min front plank, 5-10 strict dips


14 min AMRAP: 10m OH walking lunge (45/25#), 15 Ground to OH (45/25#), 10m OH walking lunge, 18 ring rows.