WOD - Wednesday, 3.9.2016

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***** Rope climb day... make sure you have shin protection, whether that's a sock, tape, or whatever else.  Do not climb rope if you don't have your shin covered.


Row 300M Then: 5 sciatic nerve floss on each leg 10 alternating kossacks 10 alternating squat + thoracic rotation 10 alternating groiners 5 ring roll outs 10 paused wall balls

5 minutes - Rope Climb Technique

Complete with a partner for time
Row 2,000M
100 wall balls 20/14#
20 rope climbs
Row 1,000M
50 wall balls 20/14#
10 rope climbs
Row 500M
25 Wall balls 20/14#
5 rope climbs

Sub rope climbs to: laying to stand to laying rope climb 

Accessory post WOD: 5 rounds

5 sciatic nerve floss each leg 5 ring roll outs, hold extended position for 2 breaths (like a barbell roll out but on rings) 5 GHD hip extensions, pause at the top for 3 and go for max glute activation (AKA Squeeze your ass)

4x side shuffle, 5 burpees, 2x high knees, 5 burpees, 2x walking lunges, 5 bupees, 10 inch worms, 10 bottom of the burpee, 10 beat swings


3 Rounds (Qual): 3 strict pull up Hold the top for 10 sec (slow down), 8 sq clean wall balls (20/14#), 20 DU


12 min AMRAP: 10- 10 OH walking lunges (45/25#), 15 burpees, 30 sit ups