WOD - Tuesday, 3.8.2016

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200M run

Perform each for 2 lengths of the gym: Spiderman crawl Crab walk Whlee barrow (with a parnter) Overhead walking lunge 45/25#

Lateral hand walk up and down plate

Handstand push up virtuosity:
1) Tripod position with knees on elbows: hand placement, head placement, balance Goal accumulate 30 seconds in this position unbroken
2) Tripod headstand: same as above but with hips and knees fully extended Goal accumulate 30 seconds unbroken in a fully extended tripod headstand
3) Trasition: going from knees on elbows to full hip and knee extension Goal: 10 reps unbroken HSPU against the wall or pike HSPU on a box:

5-7 reps EMOM 5 min. Goal virtuosity in movement

EMOM 16 min
1) 12 over box jumps 24/20"
2) 7 HSPU
3) 200M run + AMRAP KB swings 53/35#
4) Rest

Scale number or HSPU down or pike push ups on box


400m run, with a PVC: 12 pass thrus standing/in a squat, 12 thrusters, 12 OH squats, 10 Inch worms, 20 moutain climbers

A) Wod 1

5 rounds of 1min on, 30 sec rest: 5 pull ups, wall balls (20/14) count total WB

B) Wod 2

200m run, 21-15-9 KB swings (53/35), wall ball (20/14#), 200m run