WOD - Sunday, 3.6.2016

Awesome time taking on 16.2 today!  Make sure to submit your scores at games.crossfit.com!

WEIGHTLIFTING with Coach Joe (9AM)
Make sure to come out for this session.  No better time to dial in your squat clean technique! 

400m run, 2 rnds: 12 hollow rocks, 12 boot straps, 12 beat swings, 5 knee to chest to sprinter hold for 3 sec (each leg) Then 1 min couch stretch (each leg).

Partner WOD

With a partner, split up the reps.
As one person works the other holds or performs.
4 min work, 45 sec rest, rotate to next station.
1. Assult bike / front rack (95/55#)- count cals
2. Rope Climb / front plank- count # of climbs
3. GHD sit ups / superman rocks - count reps
4. Rowing / OH hold (45/25# plate)- count cals
5. Wall balls / bottom of the squat- count reps