WOD - Friday, 3.4.2016

Congrats to the mcCarthys on their new child!

Congrats to the mcCarthys on their new child!


Saturday:  16.2, heats start at 930

Sunday: weightlifting with Coach Joe is on Sunday at 9am.  No better way to follow-up the open wod on Saturday!


  • A) Build up to first set weight: Rx: 135/85# Scaled: 95/55# Masters 55+: 115/65# Masters 55+ Scaled: 65/45# ****If your 1RM squat clean is under 205/155# do NOT do the RX weight, practice with scaled weight so you're not burnt for tomorrow Then: 1 x 10 squat cleans for pace Leave bar loaded

  • B) TTB/haning knee raise Technique

  • C) 15 TTB/HKR 30 DU/SU 10 Squat cleans Strategy pre WOD: On the bar: 1 big set? Start with small sets every 15-20 seconds? 1 Big sub max set then small sets in intervals? Jump rope: Unbroken? Intentional breaks? Survival? You will be breathing heavy but you should be able to walk over to the barbell On the barbell: Unbroken arbell cycling? Singles? 3 x 5? 5 x 3? Think about your EMOMs How was your pacing? Could you do more? Will you burn out? What's your plan for tomorrow?


  • D) KB snatch Technique

    5 min

  • E) WOD: Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes 12 KB snatches 53/35# (6 each arm) 12 goblet squats 53/35# 12 KB swings 53/35# 12 1 arm KB thrusters 53/35# (6 each arm)

    Open Athletes: scale the weight down, keep a steady tempo if you're worried about Saturday's workout Non Open athletes: Get after it!


10 air squats/ 10 beat swings, 5 inch worms, 20 jumping jacks, 5 Min AMRAP: PVC thrusters/ toes 2 bar/push up 3/3/3,6/6/6, 9/9/9... after 12 go back to 3/3/3.

A) Wod 1

row 12 cal, 24 KB swings (53/35), row 8 cal, 16 KB swings, row 5 cal, 10 KB swings, 50 DU's.

B) Wod 2

4 RFT 12-12 KB push press (26/35), 20 box jump, 30 wt. sit up (25/10#)