WOD - Monday, 3.21.2016

1.  Last week of the Open!  This Saturday we will be grilling following the last heat of 16.5!  Please feel free to come out whether you are competitng or not!  We're looking forward to seeing everyone and celebrating 5 weeks of hard work!

2. Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Sean will be hosting an Athlete Workshop here at our gym April 2nd and 3rd from 1:00pm to 6:00pm. The focus of the seminar will be about mobility and strength. Together they have been hosting many successful seminars around the country for coaches and athletes that has been very well received from everyday CrossFitters to the very competitive CrossFitter such as Brooke Wells and Jared Stevens who will be attending.  
If you are interested in attending please stop me (Anita) in the gym and I can fill in with information.  
Members of our gym will be getting a discount.

Sign-up @ http://performancecarerx.com/athlete-workshop/

3. Open leaderboard! -- https://games.crossfit.com/lboards/result?id=1115970


Barefoot: 20M inversion walk 20M backwards walk on toes 20M walking lunge 20M High knees 20M side shuffle 20M karioka

10 air squats 10 squat thoracic rotations 5 inchworm + push ups 5 squat jump for max height. Reset between rep


25 Minutes SuperSet:
1) 5 Back Squat
2) 10 1 arm bent over row each arm 5 sets Build to a heavy 5 Back squat Row with a single KB.

KB contacts the floor, hand contacts the rib cage every rep.

WOD: 2 rounds 1 min each station, 15 seconds rest between:
1) Assault bike calories
2) Push ups
3) GHD hip extension
4) walking lunges
5) Strict knees to elbows

Get a score for each station. Add reps for each round together. 1) total calories 2) scale to bar or box 3) These should be done more for quality, 4) each step counts as a rep 5) scale to strict hanging knee raises


Warm Up
12 boot straps, 10 bottom of the burpee, 10 leg swings in each direction.                                         4 min AMRAP: 250m row, 10 burpee over box

3 rnds for Quality: 15 situps, 15 hollow rocks, 15 superman rocks, 30 sec plank hold
4 RFT: 10 -10 KB snatchs (26/35), 20 wt sit ups (25/10), 30 box jump