WOD - Sunday, 3.20.2016



WEIGHTLIFTING with Coach Joe (9AM)
-- This session will focus way more on technique and keep the weights light if you're beat up from 16.4 -- don't miss out just because you're sore!

4 lengths side shuffle, 20 mountain climbers, 10 bottom of the burpees, 10 hollow rocks, 20 sit ups

Quality WOD

with your partner: 4 lengths (2 each) wheelbarrow walk, 20 supine leg throws- switch, 20 wall ball squat throws (stand 5m apart), 10 beat swings each.

Partner WOD
(break up reps by sets of 10)

10x 10m OH walking lunges (45/25#)
50 burpee to a plate
50 KB swings (53/35#)
50 pull ups
50 sit ups
200m run together