WOD - Friday, 3.18.2016

Congrats to the Pearsall's on the birth of thei r son Sully Patrick Pearsall -- 7lbs 12oz

Congrats to the Pearsall's on the birth of thei r son Sully Patrick Pearsall -- 7lbs 12oz

1. T-shirt Pre order.  
We have 2 different shirts for Pre-order at the desk.  
Baseball T's and regular T-shirts/Tanks.  
Sign up at the desk for size/color.  Shirts are $20.00, you can pay cash or charge your account. 
This week is the last week to get your order in!

2. Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Sean will be hosting an Athlete Workshop here at our gym April 2nd and 3rd from 1:00pm to 6:00pm. The focus of the seminar will be about mobility and strength. Together they have been hosting many successful seminars around the country for coaches and athletes that has been very well received from everyday CrossFitters to the very competitive CrossFitter such as Brooke Wells and Jared Stevens who will be attending.  
If you are interested in attending please stop me (Anita) in the gym and I can fill in with information.  
Members of our gym will be getting a discount.

Sign-up @ http://performancecarerx.com/athlete-workshop/

3.  Updated Games leaderboard! -- https://games.crossfit.com/lboards/result?id=1115970


Row 500M Then: 3 rounds 5 sumo inch worms 5 double KB Suitcase deadlifts, choose your own weight 5 paused goblet squats 20 second handstand hold against the wall

3 rounds 5 paused wall ball 5 HR Push ups 10 KB deadlifts 70/53#

2 rounds of tabata for each Deadlift 155/105# Wall ball 20/14# Row for calories HSPU This is all about feeling out a pace you can handle. Keep in mind you'll be using heavier weights on the deadlifts but you should get an idea as to how to break them up. You're not going unbroken or even in 2 sets for the deadlifts or the wall balls so figure out when an efficient break will be. Rowing: find a managable pace that will get you through but not knock you out. HSPU: We're going to be smoked when we get to this point. Feel out your work/rest ratio.

Scaled: Deadlift 105/65# Wall ball M: 20# to 9ft, W 10# to 9ft. HSPU: HR push ups or 45# push presses

10-20-30 of Hang power clean 95/65# Sit ups
Perform 30 DU after each movement *You have 5 attempts to complete the set of 30 DU each round. If you fail to complete any round of 30 DU in less than 5 attempts, you must perform 5 burpees before moving on to the next movement

1 min sciatic floss each leg 1 min pigeon pose each leg

10 boot straps 10 inch worm + yoga push up 25 cal row, 25 situp 20 cal row, 20 sit up 15 cal row, 15 sit up 10 cal row, 10 sit up 5 cal row, 5 sit up

A) 2 rnds (qual)

2 rnds (qual) 30 sec handstand hold 2 rope climbs 10 sec ring support 12 ring pulls

B) Wod

12 min AMRAP 400m run, max rep Pull ups (note the # of pull ups in each round)