WOD - Monday, 3.14.2016

Remember to submit your 16.3 score!!


1.  Congratulations to Jeremy Cecil, Jo Schultz, Josh Wonderer and Melissa Hyatt on WINNING our February Attendance Challenge!!! 

2. T-shirt Pre order.  
We have 2 different shirts for Pre-order at the desk.  
Baseball T's and regular T-shirts/Tanks.  
Sign up at the desk for size/color.  Shirts are $20.00, you can pay cash or charge your account. 
This week is the last week to get your order in!

3. Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Sean will be hosting an Athlete Workshop here at our gym April 2nd and 3rd from 1:00pm to 6:00pm. The focus of the seminar will be about mobility and strength. Together they have been hosting many successful seminars around the country for coaches and athletes that has been very well received from everyday CrossFitters to the very competitive CrossFitter such as Brooke Wells and Jared Stevens who will be attending.  
If you are interested in attending please stop me (Anita) in the gym and I can fill in with information.  
Members of our gym will be getting a discount.



Barefoot: 20M inversion walk 20M backwards walk on toes 20M walking lunge 20M High knees 20M side shuffle 20M karioka

10 air squats 10 squat thoracic rotations 5 inchworm + push ups 5 squat jump for max height. Reset between reps

WOD (yes, before strength)

For time: 20 wall balls 20/14# 20 push ups 20 wall balls 20 Box jumps 30/24" 20 wall balls 20M Overwalking lunges 20/14# 20 wall balls 20 sit ups

Scale weight of ball scale push ups to barbell on rack or box Box jumps: should be higher than normal Overhead walking lunges: use your medicine ball

4 sets: 3 Push Press + 3 front squa


250m row, 2 rnds of: with a light KB 10 KB swings 10-10 High Pulls 1 length single arm walking lunges (on each arm) 10 hollow rocks


For Time: 50 KB Swings (53/35#) 50 Box Jumps (24'/20') 50 Cal on Rower 25 KB Swings 25 Box Jumps 25 Cals