WOD - Tuesday, 2.8.2016

What's Happening

1.  February Attendance Challenge --- you workout -- you get free stuff.  Make sure to sign-in for class to get credit towards the proshop
2.  Sign-up for the Open @ games.crossfit.com -- we will be hitting these workouts every Saturday as a community and top scores win prizes from awesome sponsors.  
3.  #savethetens -- After losing a whole bunch of 10s in recent weeks, we're trying to re-emphasis some barbell etiquette -- if you have anything less than 25lb plates on your bar, do not drop it from any height above your hips.  

Gymnastics skil

Level 1: 10 Beat Swings 30 second wall facing handstand hold 10 alternating lateral box step ups 10 second L-Hang

Level 2: 10 Beat swing with re-grip 10 Handstand shoulder taps 10 alternating pistols 15 second L-Hang

Level 3: 3-5 bar muscle ups 10 second 1 arm wall facing handstand hold each arm 10 alternating weighted pistols 20 second L-Hang

A) 10 second Ring support 10 second bottom of ring support 5 ring dips
B) 5 x Row + row into transition
C) 5 Kips on the rings + 1 pull to rib cage (or as deep as possible) OR a set of unbroken get ups (muscle up without the dip)

With the open around the corner and muscle ups bound to be in there some where, we'll be working aggressively to get those athletes who are close, but not quite there to get their first muscle ups either before or during the open. Now some of us currently may not be close to a muscle up or not even care about ever doing a muscle up in our lives. That shouldn't stop you from coming in and getting more upper body strength and positional awareness that this training provides. These drills are for more than just muscle ups. These skills will transfer to all pressing and pulling movements in the gym (pull ups, toes to bar, dips, push ups) and improve overall shoulder health (*with conscious practice). See you in the gym.

RBK Swings 70/53#
Weighted Sit ups 25/10#
Air squats


400m row (moderate pace), 10 leg swings in each direction, 10 arm circles in each direction, 10 boot straps, 10 air squats, 12 beat swings.


3 Rounds fo Qual: 30 sec handstand hold, 6 strict toes 2 bar, 30 sec side plank (on each side),


4 Rounds; 1 min row, 30 sec rest, 1 min wall ball (20/14#), 30 rest, 1 min plank, 30 sec rest, 1 min sit ups, 30 sec rest. (25 min)