WOD - Friday, 2.26.2016

The Open is here!

The Open is here!

Sign-up for the open now!  We will be setting heats tomorrow night for the main event on Saturday morning.  More than 50 of you are already signed up... we can't wait for the rest of you to join the party.  Sign-up at games.crossfit.com.


5 inch worms 10 alternating kossacks 30 second samson Stretch each side 10 kips Samson lunge 2 lengths of the gym 10 kips 8 burpees
Open Prep

B) Lunges

You want to do these unbroken. If you need to gather yourself do it before you put the bar overhead. Don't be scared to stop and steady your balance between steps. Be aware of stride legnth. IF you're taking long steps and having to take one extra little step at the end to cross the line, just take more manageable steps the whole time. Ideally you should keep your elbows locked out overhead. Walking with bent elbows will suck the stamina out of your arms. And don't forget to BREATHE!

B) WOD: Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 min: Row 20/18 calories 20 RKB Swings 70/53# 20M Bear Crawl 1 rope climb 10 burpees

Open participants: Go at 75% speed, scale weight on the swings Non-Open participants: Go so hard Coaches Note: If you're looking at the back of the gym from the doors: Set up ergs on the right of the room Bear crawl will be from the left side of the rig to the wall and back 2 times If you have more than 10 people in class stagger start or look for a volunteers to use the airdyne


12 PVC pass thrus standing, in a squat, 12 OHS, 12 thrusters, 1 min bottom of the squat. Climb the ladder for 6 min: 3 PVC OHS, 3 Pull ups, 3 box jumps... 6/6/6, 9/9/9 12/12/12. After 12 go back to 3.

A) Qual

2 rounds for QUALITY: 3 wall walks (up and down), 15 hollow rocks, 5 strict toes to bar, 12 H-R push up

B) Wod

5 RFT: in 1 min complete 6 box jumps then max effort sit ups for the remainder of the min, 1 min rest (try to get the same # of sit ups each round)