WOD - Thursday, 2.25.2016

6AM crew getting weird

6AM crew getting weird

Have you signed up for the Open yet?  Why not?!?!  Register at games.crossfit.com and get ready for five weeks of fun.  We'll be throwing down as a community every Saturday morning.  This will be an awesome time to compete, socialize, and cheer on your friends in an electric atmosphere.  The first workout is announced this Thursday, so be ready to go Saturday!

Check out the affiliate page @ http://games.crossfit.com/affiliate/4542

Rob S: The opens give us a chance to compete, compare and see how far we have come as an individual athlete. They test you both mentally and physically, they set the stage for a great community of people to gather and test their fitness while having fun. Plus, it's cool to see how you stack up against the rest of the world, even you are not a competitor.

Ryan: We all started crossfit for one reason or another, then our first Open came around. Whether we were nervous or excited, a transformation happened inside of all of us after those 5 weeks. We saw how far we have come, or we decided to set new goals to smash. We may have underperformed or set new PRs. Either way, we all became part of something bigger, a part of a community that we take pride in.

Anita: I think you should do it for YOU!! This is a special way to test/ evaluate and see where you are and where you can go. This is an all inclusive worldwide competition that is like no other.
-Do it so you can see how you how you have changed from last year.
-Do it so you can see where you are this year and give yourself a goal for the following year.
-Do it for the mental challenge of being under pressure and needing to push yourself more than you think you can.
-Do it for the experience to compete next to the people you workout with everyday. 
-Do it for fun!!!!
And as "Nike" says it.... "Just do it"!!!!


For 2 min: Accumulate as much time as possible in a HEAD stand

With a PVC pipe: 10 shoulder pass throughs prone, standing and in a squat 10 BTN Push press 10 OHS 5 Sots Press 5 Pull unders 5 Snatch Balance

Superset: 1) 3x5 SOTS Press 2) 3x3 Snatch Pull Unders same weight as above Start with empty and increase weight each set if possible

B) 3x3 Pause Snatches + 1 Full Increase weight each set

C) 3x1 Pause Snatch + 1 Full

WOD: With 80% of the heaviest weight you hit on Part C:
EMOM for 10 minutes 1 Snatch 2 Box jumps 30"/24" 5 burpees


3x 30sec assult bike sprints, 3 rnds With a light KB: 10 Single arm swings, 10 High pulls, 10 Strict press

A) Qual

3 rounds QUAL: 12 hollow rocks, 12 lemon squeezes, 12 push ups, 12 superman rocks


3 RFT: 10 m OH walking Lunges (25/10#), 10 burpee to plate, 10 ground to OH (25/10#), 3 x shuttle run (run to 5m, back, to 10m, back).