WOD - Tuesday, 2.23.2016

Have you signed up for the Open yet?  Why not?!?!  Register at games.crossfit.com and get ready for five weeks of fun.  We'll be throwing down as a community every Saturday morning.  This will be an awesome time to compete, socialize, and cheer on your friends in an electric atmosphere.  The first workout is announced this Thursday, so be ready to go Saturday!

Check out the affiliate page @ http://games.crossfit.com/affiliate/4542

Why your coaches want you to sign-up!

Coach Rob M: It's an opportunity for the global crossfit community to participate in the same event. It's like being part of a crossfit class with a couple hundred thousand people in it. Some are brand new, some have been doing it for 2 years, some even 10 years. It's an opportunity to "compete" within the walls of your own affiliate and have EVERYONE cheering you on. It's all about the atmosphere. We as coaches and members create the atmosphere we want to be in. So let's pack the gym every Saturday, come together and have fun doing what we love to do.

Coach Ilch:  I think the open gives us all a chance to come together and push ourselves further and harder than we think we can. Its a rare opportunity for us all to support each other regardless of skill level or personal goals and hit that extra rep or that first double under. I want people to do it so they understand how great this sport and this place is and I'm pumped to cheer them all on.


5 Push ups shoulder taps each shoulder, hold the top for a 3 count each rep 5 Quadruped thoracic rotation each side 5 yoga push ups, hold the pike for a 5 count, shoulders to ears , butt in the air Spiderman crawl 1 length of the gym

Gymnastics: 12 mnutes for quality 8 kips on the rings 6 candlesticks 4 wall walks 10 GHD extensions

Technique emphasis: 1) keep a rhythm, hollow to arch 2) Chest over knees 3) walk up AND down, don't just fall at the top. Tight belly and butt, push through shoulders 4) Don't over extend through the back on the way up. Spine should be in neutral throughout Scale up: 1) immediately after kips do as many muscle ups as you want 2) 3 candle stick pistols each leg 3) Handstand walk 5 mats 4) Hold weight

Pre-Wod: 5 box jumps 5 thrusters 5 pull ups 5 power cleans

"Tabata something or other"
Box jumps 24"/20"
Power clean 95/65# 
Thrusters 95/65#
CTB pull ups
*** note after each 20 second on/ 10 second off interval you will switch to the next exercise.  8 total rounds.

3x 30 sec assult bike sprints, 10 leg swings in each directions, 10 arm swings in each direction, 10 boot straps, 5 inch worm + 1 push up

A) Qual

3 rounds for QUAL: 5 wall walk, 12 KB press out, 10-10 KB high pulls, 12 ring kipping swings

B) Wod

4 RFT: 300m row, 12 box jumps, 12 RKB swings(70/53#), 6 pull ups