WOD - Monday, 2.22.2016

Have you signed up for the Open yet?  Why not?!?!  Register at games.crossfit.com and get ready for five weeks of fun.  We'll be throwing down as a community every Saturday morning.  This will be an awesome time to compete, socialize, and cheer on your friends in an electric atmosphere.  The first workout is announced this Thursday, so be ready to go Saturday!

Just to head off a few questions: 
Q) I'm not going to win, should I still sign-up?  A) 100% yes.  Only one person wins the NYC marathon but 39,999 other people sign-up.  It is about a lot more than winning.  You get to learn about yourself as an athlete, set goals, crush them, and have a lot of fun in the process.

Q) I can't do muscle-ups, double-unders, 1-arm-kipping-handstand-pushups, etc, should I still sign-up?  A) Yes!  Karissa was immortalized on crossfit.com two years ago when she got her first double-unders during the open.  Dozens of athletes got their first chest-to-bar pull-ups and there were even a few first muscle-ups!  Even if those movements aren't even close, the Open offers a scaled option on a week-by-week basis that will accommodate any high-difficulty movements and keep you moving

Q) I might not be able to be there every Saturday, should I still sign-up?  A) YES!  If you've got a crazy schedule we will make every possible accommodation to make sure you can still get your WOD in!  

Q) Are we doing the Open WODs as part of our group programming on Fridays?  A) No.  We will still be programing a regular Monday-Friday with all your favorite WODs and elements sprinkled in.  The main event will be on Saturdays when everyone will take on the Open WODs together.

Q) I'm almost sold, but what else is in it for me?  A) Besides being awesome, Coach Rob M has put together awesome weekly prize backs from some of the biggest companies in CrossFit.

Q) Nope not convinced yet, I have more questions... what should I do? A) Email, text, or talk to any of your coaches.  We're all signed up so what's stoping you?

Check out the affiliate page @ http://games.crossfit.com/affiliate/4542

10M Samson Walking lunges 10M duck walk
4 x 10M side shuffle, 2 air squats every 10M
10 squat thoracic rotation
With a light KB: 10 KB squat press out 10 1 arm thruster each arm 10 windmill each arm 10 1 arm OHS each arm


IN 12 Minutes
A1 Find a heavy 3 OHS from the rack Go big

A2) Eccentric ankle dorsiflexion
x 5 each leg after each set of OHS.
At least 4 sets each leg

10 seconds max burpees 50 second rest
20 second max burpees 40 second rest
30 second max burpees 30 second rest
20 second max burpees 40 second rest
10 second max burpees

Immediately into:
With 50% of heavy 3 OHS for the day
21-15-9 OHS TTB****

Report total burpees, weight used and time

Scale toe to bar to kipping knee raises, Find the rhythm
****Note: If you cannot connect multiple T2B and can only perform singles, we're going to focus on the kip and the rhythm, and not worry about hitting the bar.  No more single T2B and drop off of the bar!  You're all going to be linking in no time!

4x side shuffle, 2 rounds of 12 air squats, 12 beat swings, 12 arm circles in each direction, 8 inch worm + 1 push ups

A) WOD 1

row 15 cal/15 wallball (20/14), row 10 cal/10 wal ball, row 5 cal/5 wallball

B) WOD 2

21-15-9-3 burpee over box, KB swings (53/35#)