WOD - Wednesday, 2.17.2016

What's Happening

1.  February Attendance Challenge --- you workout -- you get free stuff.  Make sure to sign-in for class to get credit towards the proshop
2.  Sign-up for the Open @ games.crossfit.com -- we will be hitting these workouts every Saturday as a community and top scores win prizes from awesome sponsors.  
3.  #savethetens -- After losing a whole bunch of 10s in recent weeks, we're trying to re-emphasis some barbell etiquette -- if you have anything less than 25lb plates on your bar, do not drop it from any height above your hips.  
4.  Open tees are on presale.... get your order in now so you have them for the kickoff of the Open!
5.  Compete Class will be at 11:45 and 3:45 this week only!


Row 250M

With a light KB perform 10 reps each arm: 1 arm RKB Swing 1 arm push press 1 arm Sumo Deadlifts high pull KB Windmill

With a heavier KB perform 10 reps each arm: 1 arm suitcase deadlifts 1 arm hang squat cleans 2 rounds


PART A)  6x250m start at 2K pace Go faster each round 1:1 work rest ratio

Everyone should be done in a similar time today so rest 3 min after the last person finishes before starting part B together

Rest 3 min

PART B) Complete as many reps as possible in 10 minutes 1 arm DT: Complete full round with one arm before moving to the next arm 12 suitcase deadlift 70/53# 9 hang squat cleans 70/53# 6 shoulder to overhead 70/53#

Scale weight down as needed

Rest 5 min

PART C) 5 rounds: 7 power clean 135/85# 7 CTB Pull ups

Scale weight. Band pull ups


With a PVC: 12 pass thrus, 12 in the bottom of the squat, 1 min hold the bottom of the squat, 12 thrusters, 12 OH squats

A) Qual

3 rounds (QUAL): 2 x walking samson lunge, 1 min couch stretch (each leg), 1 min front plank

B) Wod

Modified BARBARA: 3RFT- 20 pull up, 30 push up, 40 situp, 50 air squats. Rest 2 min b/w rounds. Score is time/ round.