WOD - Tuesday, 2.16.2016

What's Happening

1.  February Attendance Challenge --- you workout -- you get free stuff.  Make sure to sign-in for class to get credit towards the proshop
2.  Sign-up for the Open @ games.crossfit.com -- we will be hitting these workouts every Saturday as a community and top scores win prizes from awesome sponsors.  
3.  #savethetens -- After losing a whole bunch of 10s in recent weeks, we're trying to re-emphasis some barbell etiquette -- if you have anything less than 25lb plates on your bar, do not drop it from any height above your hips.  
4.  Open tees are on presale.... get your order in now so you have them for the kickoff of the Open!
5.  Compete Class will be at 11:45 and 3:45 this week only!

Warm Up---Gymnastics skil: 

Level 1: 10 Beat Swings 30 second wall facing handstand hold 10 alternating lateral box step ups 10 second L-Hang
Level 2: 10 Beat swing with re-grip 10 Handstand shoulder taps 10 alternating pistols 15 second L-Hang
Level 3: 3-5 bar muscle ups 10 second 1 arm wall facing handstand hold each arm 10 alternating weighted pistols 20 second L-Hang

Perform 10 min at the appropriate level for each movement. Attempt to move up a level in one movement this week. You don't know until you try!!!

Gymnastics Test
1 min max alternating pistols or pistol attempts

Record reps. Record first pistols. Set up mats to fall down

Gymnastics Conditioning
E2MOM: 10 second Ring support 10 second rest 10 second bottom of ring support 20 second rest 5-10 strict ring dips

Complete as many rounds as possible in 18 min:
10 Front Squat 155/115#
10 Box jumps 30/24"
50 Double unders

Front squats from the ground HSPU + to strict. HSPU - to box Scale box jump height Scale DU: 10 attempts each round, if you haven't hit all 50 reps in 10 attempts, 5 burpee penalty


With a tabata clock- 6 rounds of: 20 sec on side shuffle, 10 sec bottom of the squat.

A) qual

3 rounds of: 10 beat swings, 10 bottom of the burpee, 10 boot straps hold the bottom for 3 sec, 2 length walking samsom stretch - all to warm up each skill.


WOD- 50 reps of each for time pull ups burpees box jumps sit ups wall balls walking lunges air squats