WOD - Monday, 2.15.2016

What's Happening

1.  February Attendance Challenge --- you workout -- you get free stuff.  Make sure to sign-in for class to get credit towards the proshop
2.  Sign-up for the Open @ games.crossfit.com -- we will be hitting these workouts every Saturday as a community and top scores win prizes from awesome sponsors.  
3.  #savethetens -- After losing a whole bunch of 10s in recent weeks, we're trying to re-emphasis some barbell etiquette -- if you have anything less than 25lb plates on your bar, do not drop it from any height above your hips.  
4.  Open tees are on presale.... get your order in now so you have them for the kickoff of the Open!
5.  Compete Class will be at 11:45 and 3:45 this week only!


Row 250M Push up T x 10 each direction, do a push up between each rotation 5 yoga push ups 10 kossacks 5 Sumo inchworms 10 burpees 10 kips on the rings

With a barbell: 10 good morning 10 single leg romanian deadlifts

In 15 mintutes
Deadlift Build to a heavy 10
10 1 arm high pull each arm after each set of deadlifts

Focus on getting the elbow as high as possible on the way up. AND slow control of the kettlebell on the way down

EMOM 20 min:
1) 12 burpees 2) 4 Muscle ups 3) Row 10/8 cal + max effort wall ball 20/14# 4) Rest

Scale burpees to a number you can hit in 45 seconds Scale muscle ups to a doable number or 8 (banded) CTB Pull ups Scale wall ball weight as needed. Scale weight up as capable


2x side shuffle, 10 air squats, 2 x side shuffle, 5 inch worms, 2 x side shuffle, 10 boot staps, 12 beat swings.

A) Qual

3 rounds (QUAL): 8-8 High pull, 12 KB push out, 10 ring push ups, 1 min front plank


15 min AMRAP: 20 OH walking lunges (25/10#), 10 toes 2 bar, 30 KB swings (53/35#)