WOD - Thursday, 2.10.2016

What's Happening

1.  February Attendance Challenge --- you workout -- you get free stuff.  Make sure to sign-in for class to get credit towards the proshop
2.  Sign-up for the Open @ games.crossfit.com -- we will be hitting these workouts every Saturday as a community and top scores win prizes from awesome sponsors.  
3.  #savethetens -- After losing a whole bunch of 10s in recent weeks, we're trying to re-emphasis some barbell etiquette -- if you have anything less than 25lb plates on your bar, do not drop it from any height above your hips.  
4.  Ricky will be here this Friday night to make up her Flexible Dieting meet-up.  Come with questions about flexible dieting and if it fits your macros.
5.  Open tees are on presale.... get your order in now so you have them for the kickoff of the Open!


6 rounds: tabata 20 sec on DU; 10 sec rest

With a PVC: 12 pass thrus 6 cirlcles with each arm 12 pass thrus in the bottom of the squat hold the bottom of a squat for 30 sec as a grp 10 boot straps 12 Sots press with a PVC 12 power snatch

1) 3x5 SOTS Press starting with empty and increasing in weight each set if possible
2) 3x3 Snatch Pull Unders same weight as above Superset: 

1) 3x5 Snatch Lift Offs (3 seconds up-3 second pause-3 seconds down) increase weight each set
2) 3x3 Hang Snatch from above knee at same weight as above

C. 3x2 Pause Snatch + 1 Full Snatch


B) Annie with a twist: 50-40-30-20-10 Double unders Sit ups EMOM: 1 Power snatch 135/85#


1 min of double unders, 5 inch worms to hollow hold, 10 kossacks, 10 air squats 3 sec hold, 400 m row


3 rounds for QUAL: 5 strict pull ups ( hold the top for 3 sec), 8 dips, 12 squat press out, 8-8 High pulls


4 RFT: 300m row, 12 jumping lunges, 24 wt situps (10/25)