WOD - Sunday, 1.31.2016

(Come with a partner in mind or we'll set you up)

-5x shuttle run -broad jump burpee 10m -with a partner; partner 1 in a push up position. Partner 2 will grab their ankles elevating partner 1 feet. Note- partner 1 has to keep their butt/ core tight for this to work. Wheel barrel walk 10m. Switch on the way back. -side shuffle there and back x 2 -samson walking lunge 10m.

For Quality

3 rounds for Qual: -8 strict pull up with 3 sec pause at the top of the pull up -10m OH walking lunge (45/25#) -1 min front plank, - 3 wall walks (going up and down the wall)


For time KB’s/ boxes at the 10m side of the gym With a partner:
1. Alternating shuttle run 0 to the 5m mark, back to 0 out to 10m and back 8 x each - touch the ground at each mark with your hand.
2. 10m walking lunge, 8 KB swings (70/53), 10m walking lunges back 8 x each
3. Sprint 10m, perform 8 burpee over the box, sprint back to your partner; 8 x each
4. 200 Air squats 20reps x 10 each (alternating).