WOD - Thursday, 1.7.2016


Holiday Party

The party is this Friday at Speakeasy -- if you haven't signed up to come yet, you still can! Pay cash at the gym!

CrossFit Kids

Today, Thurs Jan 7, is the deadline for CF kids registration. Late registration is available but options will be limited. Call Coach Molly for details. 516-850-5628"


With a partner: Partner A holds the bottom of a squat while Partner B farmer carries 2 KBs one lap of the gym 3 rounds

10 feet together hops 5 squat jumps 2 rounds
With an empty barbell: 5 lift off 5 power clean 5 hang squat clean

1 clean with pause above the knee + 1 full clean

Go as heavy as possible in 20 minutes


PART A) In 6 minutes climb the ladder with a partner:
10M farmer carry 140/106# 1 Suitcase Deadlift 140/106# 10M farmer carry 140/106#
10M farmer carry 140/106# 2 Suitcase Deadlift 140/106# 10M farmer carry 140/106#
10M farmer carry 140/106# 3 Suitcase Deadlift 140/106# 10M farmer carry 140/106#

Partner 1 does 1 deadlift with the KBs Partner 2 does 2 deadlifts with the KBs Partner 1 does 3 deadlifts with the KBs...... Scale weights as needed. Partners should share KBs but it's not necessary.

2 min rest

PART B) in 8 minutes complete as many medicine ball clean + wall balls as possible. You must perform 20 Double unders EMOM beginning with minute 1.

Scale 20 DU to 3 attempts + feet together hopping for the remainder of 20 seconds. They are back on the med ball after 20 seconds each round


10 knee to chest to sprinter + rotation, 10 boot straps, 800m row.

A) Qual

3 rounds for QUAL: 10-10 OH walking lunges (45/25), 12 beat swings, 20 sec top of the pull up hold, 20 lemon squeezes,


12 min AMRAP: 18 KB swings(53/35), 9 pull ups