WOD - Friday, 1.29.2016


Lil' Riki will be here Friday Feb. 5th @ 7:15pm for all of our members.  

Riki is the Flexible Dieting Ambassador who will explain/ educate and answer questions you may have about how to get control of your eating habits for 2016.  

I know we all have different goals and different expectations for ourselves.  The best way we can tackle these is to get as much information on the topic as possible.

Join us and our members for a great night of information and knowledge.


The Open is fast approaching -- signup at http://games.crossfit.com/ -- whether you're a first timer or a veteran, we're going to have a ton of great events around these weekly workouts!  All skill levels welcome!


Tabata intervals: 20 second foot fire 10 seconds burpees 4 rounds
1 min Double KB overhead hold 1 min Air squats
With a barbell: 5 clean grip deadlifts 5 hang Muscle cleans 5 hang power cleans 5 power cleans

Barbell Cycling
EMOM for 5 min: 7 Power Clean
Rest 2 min
EMOM for 5 min: 5 Power Clean
Rest 2 min
EMOM for 5 min: 3 Power Clean + 15 DU TNG,
Weight should be challenging but manageable and increase every time the reps go down

Sub 15 feet together hops for DU

Partner Chipper
Row 60 calories
60 RKB swings 70/53#
60 burpee box jumps
60 wall balls 30/20"
60M walking lunges


4x side shuffle, 10 inch worms into T push up, 10 sprinter stance jump switch, 12 beat swings, 10 WB, 10 GHD situps


600m row, 3 rounds of: 24 air squats, 10 HR push up, 20 DU, 20 sit ups