WOD - Thursday, 1.28.2016

Coach Rob at Wodapalooza!

Coach Rob at Wodapalooza!

The Open is fast approaching -- signup at http://games.crossfit.com/ -- whether you're a first timer or a veteran, we're going to have a ton of great events around these weekly workouts!  All skill levels welcome!


Perform each movement for 1 length of the gym: Walking lunge + elbow to instep Duck walk Bear crawl Crab walk

With an empty barbell: Snatch Warm up: 5 Back Rack Kossacks each leg 5 Snatch grip BTN Press 5 Snatch grip BTN Push Press 5 BTN Push Jerks Balance 5 Snatch Balance

Part A) Superset: 3 x 5 Sots Press 3 x 3 snatch pull unders *Use the same weight for each superset

Part B) *Superset: 3 x 5 Snatch lift offs 3 x 3 Hang snatch above the kneee same weight for each superset

Snatch lift offs: 3 seconds up, 3 second pause, 3 seconds down

Part C) 3 sets of: 1 Hang Snatch above the knee + 1 pause snatch + 1 full snatch *Increase the weight each round

Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes:
10 OHS 115/75#
10 KB Swings 70/53#
10 Weighted sit ups 45/25#

500m row at mod. pace, 12 bottom of the burpees, 20 mountain climbers, 12 boot straps, 12 kossacks


3RF QUAL: 20 sec ring support at the top, 20 sec ring support at the bottom, 15 ring rows, 3 wall walks up and down, 10-10 walking lunges (25/10#)


3 RFT: 12 burpee box jump over, 24 wt. situps (25/10#), 8 pull up