WOD - Sunday, 1.3.2016

CF Teens (Age 13-16) begins Today at 5:00pm. There are slots available if interested. Call Coach Molly 516-850-5628 for details. All other classes begin 1/10. Sign up by 1/7.  

(Come with or without partners, we will team you up!)

2 lengths of Side shuffle, 10 air squats. 2 lengths of high knees, 10 Jumping Jacks. 1 length of Inch worm + 2 push ups, 1 length of bear crawl. 2 rounds of; 12 beat swings, 12 boot straps, 12 bottom of the burpee.


In Team of 4 Row 4000m (4km) for time, then complete 125 Wall Ball.


With a Partner: 10 min AMRAP Partner 1 rows 20cal/15cal while Parnter 2 performs 8 box jumps, 8 KB swings (53/35#) switch when partner completes the row. Keep record of the amount of total rounds performed by the team.