WOD - Tuesday, 1.19.2016

Coach Keith at Wodapalooza this weekend!

Coach Keith at Wodapalooza this weekend!


30 jumping jacks 10 inch worms 10 Push up T's each arm 10 Sprinter stretch + jump switch 10 Prone Thoracic rotation 30 mountain climbers each leg

 Gymnastics Skill:

Level 1: 10 Beat Swings 30 second wall facing handstand hold 10 alternating lateral box step ups 10 second L-Hang

Level 2: 10 Beat swing with re-grip 10 Handstand shoulder taps 10 alternating pistols 15 second L-Hang

Level 3: 3-5 bar muscle ups 10 second 1 arm wall facing handstand hold each arm 10 alternating weighted pistols 20 second L-Hang 10 minutes for quality

Similar to how we did before. You must complete 1 round of Level 1 before progressing to Level 2. You must complete 1 round of level 2 before moving to Level 3. Stick where you need to work. Gymnastics Conditioning:

A) 10-15 ring dips + 10-15 ring rows. 90 second rest 3 rounds
Rest 3 min
B) 10-15 Supinated CTB Pull ups + 10 Strict TTB 90 second rest 3 rounds

ALL SETS NEED TO BE UNBROKEN WITH MINIMAL REST BETWEEN SUPERSETTED MOVEMENTS. We're working on local muscular endurance and it needs to burn. If you break sets or rest between movements, you're wasting your time. Strength is in the struggle.

 WOD: "Karen"
For Time: 150 wall balls 20/14#

12 min Cap. Scale weights as necessary


2 rounds of: run 5 x length of the gym, 2 lengths of walking lunge, 12 beat swings, 12 kossacks, 5 wall walks (up and down)

10 min EMOM

10- 20 DU (Sub in attempts for those who are still working on getting DU)


5 RFT: 1 Min work, 1 Min rest. 10 wall ball (20/14#), Max effort burpees. Count the # of burpees in each round.