WOD - Thursday - 1.21.2016

let's play a game of "where's Hyland?"

let's play a game of "where's Hyland?"


10 parter wall ball toss across the gym, 5 each 20 medball rotation with a partner, 10 each direction 2 rounds

5 junkyard dog jump over seated partner, each partner 5 junkyard dog jump over/crawl under, each partner

With an empty bar: 5 shoulder press 5 push press 5 split jerk 5 lift off 5 power clean 5 hang squat clean


Superset: 1 )3x5 Press from Split starting with emptybar and increasing weight each set if possible 2) 3x3 Clean Pull Unders same weight as above

Coaches will introduce each movement/superset individually. The weight will continuously be going up so it will be a smooth transition. 

Superset: 1) 3x5 Clean Lift Offs (3 seconds up-3 second pause-3 seconds down) increase weight each set 2 )3x3 Hang Clean + 1 Jerk from above knee same weight as above

 C. 3x1 Hang Clean Above Knee + 1 Pause Clean + 1 Full Clean and Jerk

WOD: 100 burpees for time EMOM: 3 Shoulder to overhead 135/85#

After class Performance Care: 10-15 1 arm high pulls 10-15 1 arm shoulder press rest 60 seconds repeat on other arm. 3 rounds *High pulls and presses should be done back to back without rest


250 m row (moderate pace), 1 length of walking samson strectch, 10 thoracic rotation, 12 beat swings, 10 arm circles in each diretion, 10 leg swings in each direction.

WOD; 4 rounds of:

1 min of each AB, hollow rocks, row for cal, front plank, burpeess,- 30 sec transition between skills