WOD - Thursday, 1.14.2016


5 junkyard dog jump over seated partner, each partner 5 junkyard dog jump over/crawl under, each partner

With an empty bar: 5 shoulder press 5 push press 5 split jerk 5 lift off 5 power clean 5 hang squat clean

In 20 minutes establish a one rep max for Clean and Jerk

15 reps 70% of 1RM Clean and Jerk For Time

Discuss the importance of technique when dealing with moderate loads under duress. There should be time between reps where they should be thinking about the set up while attempting to control breath. Post load and time.

Cool Down: 10 PVC Shoulder pass throughs 10 squat + thoracic rotation 10 Cat- Camel 1 min Sciatic nerve floss each leg 5 min supinated grip row and a conversational pace Foam roll 30 seconds each area: calves, hamstrings, low back, upper back, quads


250 m row, 10 leg swings (each direction), 10 arm circles, 12 beat swings, 8 burpee pull ups, 12 boot straps


3 rounds for QUAL: 15/12 cal row, 12 hollow rocks, 12 superman rocks, 1 min front plank


15 min EMOM: 1) 12 burpees, 2) 8 toes 2 bar, 3) 10 box jumps,