WOD - Monday, 1.11.2016

Programming Note:
This week we'll be maxing out our Olympic lifts. We have to take into account the amount of stress this places on our musculoskeletal, nervous and endocrine systems and adjust other components of our training around this. Those of us who enjoy long, grinding workouts, might feel like part of you is missing this week, as we won't be conditioning a ton of volume. It's in the best interest of your health and well being. We're not saying it's going to be easy this week, just not long and demanding conditioning. Just know, it's only for this week and we'll return to grinding you into the ground with long, arduous workouts in the coming week. Now, let's go PR EVERYTHING!

With a partner: Rowing Bowling: Partner 1 will attempt to row so it says exactly 100M on the screen. Partner 2 will do as many burpees as how may meters their partner is off by. Example Partner 1 rows 95 meters, partner 2 will do 5 burpees. 3 rounds

10 inch worm 10 push ups shoulder taps 10 push up T's 10 squat + thoracic rotation

Strength: In 12 minutes build up to a heavy Triple Shoulder press. Hold a bottom of squat position with out weight for 20 seconds between each set. EMOM for 10 min: 3 thrusters @ 90-100% Shoulder press triple weight

WOD: EMOM For 16 Min: 1) Row 15/12 Calories 2) 8 HSPU 3) 8 wall balls 20/14#, 5 burpees AMRAP 4) Rest

Wall balls on the left side of the gym (if you're looking from the garage doors to the back), rowing and HSPU on the right side. Scale HSPU to piked HSPU on a box. HSPU should be games standard for their age.


Partner row/skill: 200m/bar hang, 200m/bottom of the squat, 200m/front plank, 200m walking samson stretchA) Qual

3 rounds for QUAL: 5 wall walks (up and down), 8-10 dips, 12 KB SDHP, 15 RKB swings


0-5 min : 2RFT: 20 wall ball (20/14), 10 C2bar pull up, 5-10min 2RFT: 18 wall ball, 8 C2Bar pull ups 10min... 2 RFT; 16wall ball, 6 C2Bar pull up