WOD - Wednesday, 9.9.2015

Shuttle Run or Row 3 minutes
3x30 second weighted plank hold with 30 seconds rest (alternate with partner)
20 Samson Lunges (10 each)
15 Beat Swings

Review Turkish Get Up Technique

Not for time, complete all of the following:

1. 20 Turkish Get Ups (each side)
-Start light. May switch between kettlebells/barbells and go up in weight

2. Accumulate 2 minutes hanging from the pull up bar (bottom hang).

3. Accumulate 1 minute in a Ring Support and 1 minute bottom of Ring Dip

4. Single Arm Farmers Carry: 30m each arm as heavy as possible in 3 attempts.


-Most of you did not show when we last posted this work out, so it is not "again", but below is why we feel it is important that we do this combination of movements as written for today.

1. All of the other work outs are very high in intensity and volume this week.
-For those of you who braved Monday's Labor Day partner work out, you know you did a lot of work. IWTs are always high in intensity (how hard you work) and volume (amount of work). Thursday we have a very, very heavy strength portion with a long, greuling work out. Friday we have a Hero WOD. It is important that your recover adeuately from the beginning of the week and prepare for the remainder of the week. Below, you will read how these movements can help you do that. I promise, if you come in and work hard, you will still get a great work out.

2. Turkish Get Ups
-For some reason, most people really dislike these. I (Keith) personally am a big fan, and wish I had the opportunity to do them more often. This is probably because I spent a lot of time doing them with lightweight, focusing on the details and positions, and can now do them with what I consider fairly ridiculous weight (165 pound barbells). They are obviously a full body movement, but they aid in imporving shoulder flexibility and stability, important for snatches, presses/jerks, handstands and handstand push ups, as well as gymnastics such as pull ups and toes to bar. They are also great for midline (core) stability, important for existing. Finally, they help improve and develop balance, coordination, and kinesthetic awareness (feeling where your body is in space and what it's doing). This helps in everything you do in and out of the gym, but particularly with the Olylmpic Lifts and Gymnastics.

3. Hanging
-With out getting too theoretical or contraversial, our shoulders are made to be able to hang and swing with out a problem. If you put a child on the monkey bars, they will make us adults look like fools. This is not because of aging, its because we don't continue to move this way. We drive, text, type, write, play video games, all movements which keep our arms below our heads and don't require them to support any weight. Pull up bar bottom hangs are the easiest and simplest way to start restoring that shoulder stability and mobility, which will help general shoulder health and improve all overhead movements and of course, pull ups, toes to bar and muscle ups.

4. Ring Support and Bottom of Dip Holds
-Remember the first time you got on the rings? Even if you could do 50 push ups on stable ground, chances are you were shaking like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. This is because the independent rings require a great deal of control and stability. If you want to HAVE muscle ups (not just get 1 as a fluke), you need to be comfortable in both of these positions. If you're not close to muscle ups, these are a great building block. If a muscle up is not a goal of yours, these holds will help your upper body strength and shoulder health, not to mention making your regular push ups and dips that much stronger.

5. Single Arm Farmer's Carries
-As you may have read here or be aware of, we work with a large number of athletes of all levels from all over the world, including several Regionals and Games level athletes. The most common weakness we see is the ability to carry weight from one place to another. For you competitors, you need look no further than this year's CrossFit Games final event to see how carrying ability helped decide not only that event, but the podiums for both the men and women. For everyone else, as well as competitive athletes, we pull from the ground and squat nearly every single day, and it is vital to balance that out by carrying as much as we can. Being proficient in carrying will help prevent back and hip imbalances that can lead to injuries from your feet, knees and up to your shoulders. For all of you runners, carrying is the best possible thing you can do for your posture and positioning. Furthermore, we can all see how carrying applies to everyday life, especially after a long summer of trecking to and from the beach. By the way, it says AS HEAVY AS POSSIBLE. That means as much as you can possibly do. Max out. It's not a rest day. It's not an off day. Come in and go hard.

When you see a work out like today's, please understand that there is a purpose to every single part of it, just like every other day. Each part of your warm up, strength, WOD and accessory work has specific reasoning behind it. We are happy to share that information with you and will do so as much as possible in class. If you have a question or don't understand the point of something, ASK A COACH! If you don't understand or disagree with something in the programming, ASK US. I promise you, you are not going to offend me. I will explain to you the reasoning behind it. You may still not agree, and you may still not like what you have to do, but I am more than happy to provide you with answers.

If you did come in a couple of weeks ago and do this work out, awesome! You are better, stronger, and healthier for it. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it again. It will make you even better. You may even improve your performance and/or surprise yourself and feel more comfortable with the movements. If so, we've succeeded! For everyone else, come in, do the work, and do it hard. I promise you, you will leave tired. You'll also leave better than when you came in and more prepared for the rest of the week's work. If you have any questions, again, please ask us. Hope to see all of you in the the gym today!


200m run, 10x beat swings, 10x push ups, 10x situp, 10x hollow rocks,

1min bottom of the squat

12 min EMOM: A) 8-8 jumping lunges, B)12 Russian KB swings (53/70), C) 200m sprint, D)

rest 8 min

AMRAP: 10 situps (weighted), 10 box jumps