WOD - Saturday 9.5.2015

Today was awesome. That Hero WOD is one that as Jeremy put it "Best exemplified what a hero would have been doing that we are honoring them for... Carrying objects and people, climbing stairs, running, and just sucking it up with no idea when it would end". You guys came today and got after that workout with great energy and it was awesome to watch.

Want to PR for a bargain? Coach Joe's weightlifting class starts at 9am and it only costs $10. If you like weightlifting and like hitting PRs you are crazy not to be there. If you want to stick around and see some cool stuff, we had a woman who weighs under 150# clean and jerk 225# in our barbell club at 11am last week. Pretty good!


Warm Up

50 Swings (If you have or are close to ring muscle ups do these on the rings, if not do them on the bar. Goal is to develop body awareness through whole movement)

400 Meter Run

30 Kettlebell Swings (10 Light, 10 Medium, 10 Heavy)

20 Clapping Pushups (or pushups)

10 Strict Pull-Ups



Death By Burpee Pull-Up (Modify to Burpee Ring Row)

If you get less than 10 reps you count down from what you got and then back up until you have been going for 12 minutes.


3 rounds with 5 minutes rest between each round

Max Unbroken Kettlebell Swings 70/53 (How hard can you dig?)