WOD - Friday, 9.4.2015

Great job getting through this week's workouts! We appreciate you guys taking the ride with us this week. As a staff we were so happy with how it turned out that we are going to have a "blind week" once a month. People got their first double unders this week and did workouts they would have otherwise avoided. You are all better for it. Thank you.

This is our first "Home Town Hero" WOD!

If you are on the fence about coming to class on Friday, get off the fence and put on your shoes. This is our first Home Town Hero WOD which means one of our members nominated this person as someone they would like to honor with a workout. Come be a part of the community.


Firefighter Lt. Kevin W. Donnelly, Ladder 3 in Manhattan died on September 11, 2001 in the North Tower while evacuating others. He was 43. Kevin, also known as "Hollywood", was a triathlete and competitive swimmer. He completed the NYC and Long Island marathons multiple times. He was finishing his Master's Degree and preparing for the captain's test at the time of his death. His remains along with his helmet were found March 12, 2002. He is survived by h is parents, Ed and Cecelia; siblings Ed, Brian and Mary Cay; and long time companion Mary Coughlin. 

He was one of the nicest human beings I have ever met! We miss you Kevin.

Warm Up

Run 400m
High Knees one length
Butt Kicks one length
Walking Samson Lunges one length
Straight Leg High Kicks one length
1 minute plank hold (on forearms, weighted if possible)


3 rounds

800m run
43 KB Box Step Ups (24/20)
200m Plate Carry (45/25)
200m KB Carry (70/53)

The run represents Kevin's career as a triathlete and marathon runner. The 43 step ups represent Kevin's age at the time, and the steps he climbed to reach those in need of rescue. The carrying represents Kevin bringing them to safety.



Warm Up

10 leg swings in each direction, 5-5 knee to chest to sprinter with rotation, 10 single Arm KB swings, 12 KB sqaut push out, 10 single arm OH squats


3 rounds of:

10 hollow rocks, 10 superman rocks, 10 lemon squeezes, 5-5 jumping lunges



4 Rounds:

8 burpee pull ups, 4-4 push up to lateral plank, 12 goblet squats (35/53)