WOD - Wednesday, 8.5.2015

**** You may have noticed the lost and found buckets out front.  They are overflowing.  Please claim everything that may be yours.  Maybe claim things that aren't even yours.  Either way, they are gone at the end of the week!  Any new furs in there Marco?

**** Hometown heroes **** Many  of you have friends or family who were lost too soon providing public service, be it military, police, fire, or other. We want to know about those people and we want to honor them with a workout in their name. Please send an email to Anita@ActiveLifeAthletics.com including the following:

Warm Up

10 PVC Pass Throughs
10 Squat PVC Pass Throughs
PVC Overhead Duck Walk one length
5-10 Knee Jumps

Self Warm Up: 3 sets starting with an empty bar. Increase to light weight.

1 Snatch Lift Off+1 Snatch Pull Under+1 Full Snatch with 3 sec. pause Above Knee

Guided Warm Up: With an empty bar

5 Snatch Lift Offs
5 Snatch Pulls
5 Muscle Snatches
5 Overhead Squats with 3 second pause at bottom
5 Snatch Balance
5 Full Snatches

Review complex

In 15 minutes go as heavy as possible:

1 Full Snatch+3 Overhead Squats

3 rounds:
400m Med Ball Carry (20/14)
20 Wall Balls

200m run, 1min Couch stretch on each leg, 10 leg swings (each Direction), 10 toe touches

3 rounds of 12 situps,12 hollow rocks, 8 inchworm +1 push ups

21 wall ball (20/14), 21 KB swings (53/35), 400m run, 15 Wall Ball, 15 KB swings, 400m run, 9 wall ball, 9 KB swings, 400m run