WOD - Monday, 8.30.2015

Remember, we are on "Real Life" schedule again this week. There will be no 7am class. 

Forgot to post this photo of the Friday Night Lights crew this weekend!

Sunday's workout as one big team was a lot of fun. It took us 25 minutes to get all of the work done and everyone chipped in.



We always tell you guys that we want you to get comfortable  being uncomfortable while you workout in class. Well, we also want you to get comfortable being uncomfortable deciding which classes you come to. 

This week we will not be posting the workouts on the blog. Choosing whether to come to class or not based on if you "like" the workout of the day defeats the purpose of having thoughtful programming that builds on itself written for you. We will have five great workouts this week and I hope you come to at least three of them, some of you will come four or five times and that's awesome too. We love a packed house. Don't worry, I promise, coming to the gym without knowing the workout ahead of time will NOT make you less fit. Usually the workouts that you want to skip most are also the workouts you need most. Instead of posting the workouts along with the results this week, we will have important information on the blog that pertains to other things. Please continue to stop by the site every night.

The only things that will be predictable this week as far as programming goes are that the strength percentages we work at will continue to build appropriately from last week, and we will be doing our first ever "Home Town Hero WOD" on Friday. I'm hopeful that will be one of our busiest days of the year as we honor a lost loved one of someone from our community!

Thank you for busting your asses every day.