WOD - Sunday 8.29.2016

Sunday's workout is going to be a full team effort. We will have scaling options galore and the best athlete in class and the slowest athlete in class will ALL have to work together to get the job done. For Sunday's workout you do not need a partner. the whole class will be one team.

As a class complete the following:

All weights and rep schemes will be decided based on how many people are in class. We have a work load in mind but will wait to see how large class is before deciding HOW to accomplish it.

2000 Meters on Every Rower set up

400 Meter Burden Carry - Athletes may trade weights/objects and help one another at any time - Equipment to carry will include a loaded barbell, kettlebells, bumper plates, wall balls, farmer's handles.

40 1 arm overhead kettlebell squats at each kettlebell set up at same time as 40 Air Squats at each station set up

30 Burpee Pull-Ups/Station  at same time as 30 Burpees/station

20 Hand Stand Push-ups/station at same time as 20 pushups/station (modified push-ups are allowed)

10 muscle ups/station at same time as 10 ring dips/station

Score is total time it takes class to complete all the work written!