WOD - Friday, 8.28.2015

Friday Night Lights begins at 6pm, be here for instructions and set up, and be ready to work out at 7pm sharp! Today's workout will be low volume to allow you to come work out at our event without overtraining. If you don't call and tell us you want to come you can still participate, but we might not have enough food for you. So call and tell us you're coming or sign up!


Warm Up

Shuttle Run or Row 3 minutes
3x30 second weighted plank hold with 30 seconds rest (alternate with partner - stay STIFF)
20 Samson Lunges (10 each leg, are you lunging as far as you can and reaching as high as you can?)
15 Beat Swings (focus on keeping your feet together and your knees straight with shoulders actively engaged)

Review Turkish Get Up Technique

Strength/Skill/WOD - Today's Workout is not about getting your heart rate super high or leaving you laying on your back when everything is over. If you do today's workout correctly it will be a heavy, hard, grind. Then come back for Friday Night Lights where we will put you on your back.

Not for time:

1. 20 Turkish Get Ups (each side)
-Start light. May switch between kettlebells/barbells and go up in weight

2. Accumulate 2 minutes hanging from the pull up bar (bottom hang).

3. Accumulate 1 minute in a Ring Support and 1 minute bottom of Ring Dip

4. Single Arm Farmers Carry: 30m each arm as heavy as possible in 3 attempts


500m row, 10 inchworms, walking samson stretch, 5x knee to chest to rotation, 10arm circles in each direction.


4 rounds of: 60m farmers walk, 1 min hollow hold, 10 push up


4 RFT: 25 wall ball, 8-8 KB high pull (46/26), 200m run