WOD - Tuesday, 8.25.2015

We want to see EVERYONE at Friday Night Lights this Friday! Make sure you get on the list. We also don't want to leave after the workout so bring yourself something to drink and plan to hang out for a while. We will bring the food.

Warm Up
- There is a difference between "warming up" and "heating up". Heating up just moves blood around and makes your muscles more safe from injury. Warming up gets your brain and nervous system ready to work. If you want to perform well in the workout, work hard and stay focused during the warm up.

Run 300m - Focus on posture, could you be more efficient?
Row 200m - Focus on form, could you be more efficient?
10 PVC Pass Throughs - Focus on hand placement, could you get them closer?
10 PVC Overhead Lunges - Focus on position, are you in good position for a barbell
5 Elbow to Instep+Straight Leg+Rotation - Focus on sensation, what feels stiff?
10 Jumping Lunges - Focus on balance, should you change your landing position?



Part 1
5 Rounds with 90 seconds rest

5 Back Squats@60%
300m Run

-rest 5 minutes-

Part 2
3 Rounds with 2 minutes rest
10 Overhead Lunges (135/95)
Row 2 minutes for meters

-rest 5 minutes-

Part 3
3 rounds

10 Toes to Bar
10 V-Ups
10 Barbell Rollouts


Warm Up

200m run

10x leg swings (each direction)

2 length walking samson stretch

10x boot strap with rotation


3 rounds

 3x wall walk to handstand

 10 hollow rocks

15 lemon squeezes


800m run, 75 walking lunges, 400m run, 50 walking lunges, 200m run, 25 walking lunges