WOD - Saturday, 8.22.2015

Weightlifting with Coach Joe (9AM)

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Please note there will also be a meeting at 11AM for anyone interested in joining the official barbell club.  If you want to start taking olympic weight lifting and building strength seriously coach joe is going to be forming a barbell club out of the gym. It is a serious lifting club. Classes are meant to hone the techniques of weightlifting that no one enjoys doing but that make great lifters. He will also be prescribing additional work to be done during the week. More details to come in the meeting. 5 national level weight lifters are coming to our gym to be a part of this club. It's the real deal!

Sean says he's coaching and he wants a packed house so bring your ass to the gym!


Gymnastics Practice on rings and bar. 

400 meter run
20 air squats, 30 second pause every 5
10 push-ups pause 10 seconds every 2

5 min AMRAP
5 dips
5 burpees

Rest 5 minutes

5 minute AMRAP

20 switch lunges
20 wallballs

Rest 5 minutes

5 minute AMRAP

10 sit-ups
10 toes to bar