WOD - Wednesday, 7.8.2015

CrossFit babies with CrossFit Mommas!

CrossFit babies with CrossFit Mommas!

Two important announcements
1.  Team challenge kicks off this weekend!  Get yourself signed up!  This is going to make for a great summer!
2.  Sunday's WOD will be a beach WOD at Laurelton Blvd.  Be there by 8:45 for a 9AM kickoff.  Remember to bring beach passes!  We will also be bringing entertainment for afterwards so plan to make a beach day out of it!   The gym will be closed all day.  Take your fitness outside!


5 Elbow to Instep+Straight Leg+Rotation

Self Warm Up: 3x5 Snatch Pull Unders with empty bar/lightweight

Guided Warm Up: 10 Hang Snatch Pulls
10 Hang Power Snatch
10 Snatch Balance
5 High Hang Snatch
5 Hang Snatch

5x3 Hang Snatch
60-65-70-70% or or higher for last 2 sets Goal is no misses.

From the 2012 CrossFit Games -- the big dogs taking on Isabel.


30 Snatches (135/95)

-rest 5 minutes-

3 rounds for time:
50 Double Unders
20 Lunges (10 each)

20 Slow PVC Pass Throughs
3x1 minute Pike Stretch
3xMax Reps Ring Rows


2 rounds: 10x PVC pass thru, 10 PVC OHS, 10 PVC thrusters, 10 PVC bottom of the squat pass thruFoot drills,

1600m run

12 min AMRAP: 10 Wall Ball (20/14), 20 Sit ups, 30 KB swings (53/35)