WOD - Wednesday, 7.22.2015

50 Single Unders
20 PVC Pass Throughs
30 Double Unders (Scale to 30 singles)
10 Squat PVC Pass Throughs
10 Triple Under Attempts (Scale to double under attempts)
15 Air Squats (pause for 10 seconds every 5)

Self Warm Up: 3x3 Snatch Lift Offs+ 3 Snatch Pull Unders with empty bar/lightweight

Guided Warm Up: 10 Snatch Lift Offs
10 Power Snatch
10 Snatch Balance
10 Snatch from Below Knee

Review strength complex with coach for 3 rounds.

In 18 minutes, go as heavy as possible:

1 Snatch Lift Off (3 seconds down)+1 Hang Snatch (from below knee)+1 Power Snatch

Snatch Lift off and Power Snatch are from the floor.


A-6 Power Snatch (135/95)
B-10 Wall Balls (20/14)
C-30 seconds Max Double Unders


2 lengths of bear crawl, duck walk, samson walking lunge, kossacks with side step between each, knee to chest to sprinter, 30 sec handstand hold

Death by Burpee: option 1: start with 2- increase 2 EMOM 2 Option 2: start with 3- increase 3 EMOM

3 rounds of 200m run, 25 box jump, 200m run, 25 situp with a plate, 10 burpees