WOD - Friday, 7.3.2015

July 4th Schedule: 9am Class and 10am Class. We will be doing the third workout from the 2007 CrossFit games. Please sign into the class you would like to come to so we can be prepared for heats. If you have friends in town visiting please let us know in advance if possible if you plan to bring them.


After this week we will be going back to regular Saturday schedule.


Format for the Team Challenge:

$20 entry fee, we will be choosing a charity for the money. Progenex has committed to giving prizes to the winning team, our other vendors will too.

We will be breaking up athletes who decide to participate based on their goals. Each team will be assigned a group of coaches -

We will have 4 teams - Gymnastics Skill improvement, Weight Loss, Strength Gain, Injury Prevention

Our best coaches for each of the topics will be assigned to the team types including Coach Joe who is going to hop in and help with our team who wants to gain strength. The way the challenge will work during the week is simple, the coaches of the team will write accessory work for monday through friday for the athletes on their team to do before or after class. Each Saturday various coaches will be at the gym to help support the team athletes in class. This is not hyper competitive, it is an opportunity for you to work hard for 7 weeks at your biggest need with the coaches who are best suited to help you with them. We hope to see everyone involved!


Women's Rx Weight for Rankel is 155#

***IF you plan to come on Saturday to workout, please sub the burpee pullups for burpees to a target.



Warm up

1 min of DU, 10 arm circles (forward/backward/across the chest)

3x each leg knee to chest to sprinter

5x boot strap

5x inchworm +2 push ups


2 rounds for time- 50 DU, 250m row


3 RFT-2 rope climbs, 20 box jumps, 30 KB swings (53/35)