WOD - Sunday, 7.19.2015

Such an awesome day at the gym today -- whether you were just hitting class, smashing PRs, or jumping into your team's accessory work - everyone really brought an amazing energy.  Keep it up!


400 meter run
10 push-ups
10 toes to bar


Entire Class Is One Team -- Everyone will be working together as one huge team, regardless of your skill level, you'll be able to help the team, don't miss out on this awesome WOD.

Buy in

Every rower in gym to 2000M


50 wallballs with every ball setup at a target 

40 KB swings per kettlebell set up. 

30 ring rows per person 

20 toes to bar each person

10 synchro burpees as a class


800 meter run as a team

Clock stops when last person is done. Pick up your class mates, we're in this together. 

Make sure to register. Sean is coaching and he will be there early to set up based on how many people are signed up. You can still come if you don't but please make it easier on setup and preregister online. 

Performance Care (11AM)

100m lateral run right
100m lateral run left

Max height lateral step up


3 rounds 8 reps per leg lateral step up 3" lower

Max distance overhead carry

Same weight 80% distance 3 rounds
For quality 

3 rounds 

6 return lunges
8 hips down pushups
10 lateral step overs each leg