WOD - Sunday, 6.28.2015

Great job on the 5k today.  Whether this was your first, 50th, you PR'd or just had fun with it we're psyched you came out.

On to how winning we were:  We had athletes place in the top 3 of every age bracket... not too shabby!

Our next event in the 2007 CrossFit Games will be "2007" and we'll be doing it as our July 4th throwdown.  We'll tally up the results afterwards and crown a winner.

Note: We will no longer have open gym at 12PM on Sundays.  Get your fitness on during the 10am or 11am classes!

Community Fitness (10AM)

Warm up

2 rounds 
400 meter run
10 pushups 
10 strict toes to bar


With a partner 8 minute time cap

(both athletes holding a plate at all times)

4 rounds 
100 meter run with partner
15 GTOH 45/25 (each)

(Note: Can't start ground-to-overhead until both partners have returned)

At the 12 minute mark WOD 2 Starts 

10 minutes of follow the leader Cindy
Both athletes can be working at the same time, but not on the same station.
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

Performance Care (11PM)

Performance care: Goal: Improve bottom of squat positioning and learn if you need to spend more time doing low intensity, high rep squats or high intensity, low rep squats

Warm up: Row 1k Then: 1 min eccentric dorsiflexion each leg 1 min sciatic nerve flossing each leg 1 min lateral box step up each leg 1 min Kossack 1 min leg swings each leg 1 min goblet squat Press out

Accumulate 2 min in the bottom of a back squat with 30% 1 RM back squat

Test: Build up to 50% 1 RM back squat 20 x 50% 1 RM back squat 20 x 50% 1 RM front squat

Are you able to complete this? If so how long did it take? How many breaths did you take in the minute after? Did you test short?

Stability work: 10 burpees 60M barbell overhead carry at 85% 1 RM shoulder press rest 1 min 3 rounds